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Do you want to learn how to use the power of your thoughts to benefit your life and the lives of others’? Wouldn’t you want to learn how to carry within yourself the ability to direct your intentional thinking for the very best results in the lives of those you love and for any situation?

In The Deliberate Thinker  you will discover how to develop and apply the power of the personal energy you possess right now. You will learn how to use your thoughts intentionally to heal, bless, help, protect, forgive, and love.

These 12 lessons teach you how to add value to your world by being a force for good through your thinking powers or the energy centers of your mind—your faculties—to impact the world around you. Through the words, visualizations, and feelings you focus toward others you will become a positive force for good and find your own life strengthened.

The Deliberate Thinker contains a template for you to use the power you already have in yourself as a thinking person. You will journey through progressive stages of Preparing, Awareness, Creating, Realizing, and Responding. Each stage provides how-to lessons to move you forward in confidence and ability.

Many books about meditation and mindfulness are centered on the person who wants to be calm, relaxed, and free from anxiety, worry, and fear. The steps and lessons in The Deliberate Thinker can be applied to your personal goals, but they are primarily other-focused and outward-focused. This method is about reaching out, giving, and becoming a force for good by adding to your world. If you want to give and help and see good things come about through your ideas, intention, will, thoughts, words, and feelings, this method is for you!

The Deliberate Thinker  is for those who seek—

  • Lessons on how to apply intentional mental energy to life’s demands
  • A blueprint for applying purposeful thought power
  • A method you can use within or without a religious context
  • A purpose-driven process that can enrich your life as you help others heal and grow
  • A course to identify the capacities within yourself that are waiting to be discovered and shared
  • A personal program to teach you how to release the power of active intention
  • A way to focus and use thought energy for the good of others
  • An energy management guide for using your creative power of mind

This practical book is not just another meditation tutorial. Nor is its subject the Law of Attraction or a how-to book about getting rich through mind control. The method developed by Patricia Daly is the result of years of studying and assimilating the writings of the pioneers of the New Thought movement in the late-19th and early 20th Centuries.

From the earlier New Thought philosophy of writers such as

  • Ernest Holmes
  • Christian D. Larson
  • Florence Scovel Shinn
  • Neville Goddard

…and right up to contemporary authors such as

  • Joe Dispenza
  • Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Gregg Braden
  • Lynne McTaggart

…all have touched upon many of the elements and tools included here in The Deliberate Thinker.

Many authors from the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries have written about the stages and lessons included in this book. But none have explained their philosophy or presented their ideas of the science and power of mind with the clarity, simplicity, and step-by-step instruction you will find here.

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The Women in His Life: What Jesus Saw in Them gives the reader a peek into the mind of Jesus through the creative expression of the author as she imagines his relationships with the women in his life as mentioned by the writers of the four Gospels. You can purchase this as an eBook or paperback on Amazon here.

Indelible Imprint is a true, short story of 5800 words about a life-changing experience of rejection that remained unhealed for twenty-seven years until participation in a journal workshop provided the setting for forgiveness to take place. You can purchase this as an eBook on Amazon here.


Let’s start from the present. I’m a septuagenarian. I don’t want to say “I’m in my 70s” because that reality does not match how old my spirit believes its age to be, which is around 43.

I am a retired grant writer who has lived in Largo, Florida, since the mid-1980s. Although writing grants is a form of writing, my preferred genres are creative non-fiction and spirituality.

After retiring in 2011 I finally had the time and mental freedom to write the way I always felt called to. A year later, two things happened simultaneously. I joined a writing group and began studying spiritual writers.

My writing group included an atheist, a Jew, a psychic, a psychopomp, several former-whatever’s, and me, uncategorized. I brought spiritual essays to the group that I wrote during my morning meditation time. To my surprise and delight, the eclectic group loved my pieces and suggested, “You should publish them.”

Thus began my dive into the world of self-publishing.


I write in the genres of creative non-fiction and spirituality. My work has been published in The Story Circle Network, Story Circle Journal, The Sun, Reiki News Magazine, and these anthologies: Kitchen Table Stories, Quitless, and Real Women Write. In 2005, my essay, Joni, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize through the Emerging Press category. My books, The Women in His Life, The Deliberate Thinker and Indelible Imprint can be found on Amazon.

My most recent book, The Deliberate Thinker, was published in 2021. It’s a how-to manual about developing the creative energies of your mind to influence your world and realize your own potential. The goal for the reader is personal growth and service to others.


I come from the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, as did several generations of Irish predecessors. My parents met during World War II and married soon after. I was raised in the iconic, post-World War II planned, suburban development of Levittown, Pennsylvania.

After high school I worked fulltime as a secretary for three years, then joined a cloistered, monastic community in Wrentham, Massachusetts, where I lived for seven years. Upon returning to a regular life I completed two degree programs at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, then moved to Florida where my career as a grant writer began and carried me through retirement.

Those are the facts, but not the story. The story is about a girl who loves to write and is a spiritual seeker.

I also love labyrinths, Runes, Reiki, shamanism, all-things-Irish, Rat Terriers, cats, genealogy, reading, and traveling. I have been dubbed a candle whisperer. Yet, writing and my spiritual journey hover above everything and abide with blessing.